NSI Category
Potential NSI's
Women's Decision Making over Production HIGH HIGH MED Facilitate access to service providers and in-person training targeted to reach womenPromote use of ICT interventions to reach women with extensionProvide SBC training on household decision making over production
Women's Access to Productive Resources HIGH HIGH LOW Make financial institutions and products more gender inclusiveStrengthen community-managed financial groupsTrain financial institutions on providing financial packages targeted to women
Women's Control over Use of Income and Expenditure MED HIGH HIGH Connect female farmers to smallholder sourcing schemesFacilitate women's access to secure mechanisms for storing moneySupport women entrepreneurs in service professions
Nutrition Social and Behavior Change LOW LOW HIGH Provide SBC training to existing service providers on demand creation of new productsProvide SBC training to existing service providers on importance of nutritious, diverse diets
 NSI Category Rankings