NSI Category
Potential NSI's
Women's Decision Making over Production HIGH HIGH MED Facilitate women's access to farmer organization services and training Promote women's use of ICT interventions to reach farmer organization members with extension Provide SBC training on household decision making over production
Women's Access to Productive Resources HIGH HIGH LOW Ensure farmer organization-managed financial savings groups reach female membersLink financial institutions to farmer organizationsTrain financial institutions on providing financial packages targeted to farmer organization members inclusive of women
Women's Group Participation and Leadership HIGH HIGH LOW Facilitate literacy and financial trainings for womenIncrease women's leadership roles in farmer organizations
Improved Technologies MED MED HIGH Facilitate access to mechanized solutions for farmer organizationsFacilitate access to nutrient-rich inputs for farmer organizationsPromote farmer organizations' aggregation of crops
Nutrition Social and Behavior Change LOW LOW HIGH Provide SBC training to farmer organizations on importance of nutritious, diverse diets
 NSI Category Rankings