NSI Category
Potential NSI's
Women's Decision Making over Production HIGH HIGH MED Facilitate women's access to buyers and marketsFacilitate women's access to training
Women's Control over Use of Income and Expenditure MED HIGH HIGH Support women entrepreneurs in off-farm processing activities
Women's Time Allocation MED MED MED Introduce labor-saving technologiesPromote women's farmer group participationStrengthen food processing and value addition of foods that reduce women's time
Improved Technologies HIGH MED MED Introduce mechanized solutionsPromote processing methods that conserve nutrient content
Access and Availability of Diverse Foods LOW LOW HIGH Promote fortification of processed staple foods with nutrientsPromote training of food safety and storageStrengthen food processing and value addition of foods
Nutrition Social and Behavior Change LOW LOW HIGH Provide SBC for producers (target men) on importance of nutritious, diverse diets
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